Thursday, April 26, 2012

Other writing for other people.

I've realized that I haven't told anyone about the work I do for other people. I write for CHIVE Sustainable Event Design + Caterers, doing their bios and copy for their Sustainable Sunday Suppers. Below, I've linked a few of their pages to show the work done. Hope you like them!

And for an award given to Julia, her bio for Suffolk University's Ten Under Ten honorees:

     Julia J. Frost, BSBA’08
A 2007 graduate of the Suffolk University Sawyer Business School, Julia first began her professional career as a travel coordinator for Global Learning Company’s international seminars. It was here that she honed her skills as an enthusiastic and passionate recruiter and realized both her personal worldly travel ambitions and her appreciation of the factors that influence how business is conducted in different regions. As President of Women In Business, a Sawyer Business School student-run organization, Julia’s strengths of organization, persistence and heart helped her to create valuable speakers series, fundraisers, and educational forums to not only increase membership and participation between faculty, students and staff, but increased engagement in the local community outside of the University. It was here that she learned the value of community and connections, and through her experiences there she gained a confidence that eventually led to the inception of her own business.
CHIVE- Sustainable Event Design & Catering, LLC, a zero-waste, seasonal, local farm- and fishery-to-table business, was the brainchild of Julia, her design-focused sister, and their chef friend. By bringing together their distinctive strengths, CHIVE is now in the throes of their fourth year—having doubled both the number of events and revenue of each fiscal year—for they’ve created a niche market in Boston’s events and food industry. Renowned for its support of the Boston area’s small businesses and educational community, CHIVE focuses first on their own North Shore community and more widely in New England in general through its relationships with local farmers, artisans and fellow, small businesses. Julia finds that CHIVE has married all of her interests: she meets new people daily, creating a network by linking the community; she supports non-profit, educational and environmental organizations through fundraising dinners and celebrations; and continually educates about issues that align with the core values of CHIVE’s—and her community’s—hearts. Suffolk offered her the opportunity to use her strengths to create the professional atmosphere she desired, Global Learning Company offered her the opportunity to lead fearlessly, and CHIVE has allowed her to flourish in the Boston and North Shore communities as a leader in the sustainable business model.    

Next, CHIVE and I are working on their anniversary dinner celebration coming in late May. We'll be concentrating on gathering community and creating a more delicious, sustainable, and supportive life around our food. Stay tuned.


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  1. Thank you, endlessly, Lauren for sharing your talent with Chive and me :)
    Can't wait to read what you come up with for our Spring Sustainable Sunday Supper- Gather + Grow, Sun. May 27th!!!!